Week 4: Blowing bubbles

You will need:

cup/bowl/yogurt pot/paint pot, plate, straws, fairy liquid and water. We would recommend putting some newspaper around the table as it can get a little wet!

This activity is great for for the development of mouth, tongue, jaw and cheeks – when a child blows a bubble it helps strengthen these. It also helps facilitate sound production and speech development. Popping the bubbles after is not only great fun but fantastic for hand-eye coordination.

Add the fairy/water mixture to your cup/bowl etc and put the straw in.  Make sure the straw is all the way on the bottom of the cup to make less of a mess.  Have your child blow into the cup to blow bubbles… this can be tricky for them to begin with as they are used to sucking a straw. Blow until the bubbles are over the top of the cup.