Messy Play

Find a piece or old shoe lace, dip it into paint and make lovely zig-zag patterns on a piece of paper or in your workbook.

Inside your pack you will find a large piece of tin foil.  Spread this out on a table and provide your child with paint to decorate the foil with.

Painting on foil gives the opportunity for children to paint on a different texture.

You will need:

cup/bowl/yogurt pot/paint pot, plate, straws, fairy liquid and water. We would recommend putting some newspaper around the table as it can get a little wet!

This activity is great for for the development of mouth, tongue, jaw and cheeks – when a child blows a bubble it helps strengthen these. It also helps facilitate sound production and speech development. Popping the bubbles after is not only great fun but fantastic for hand-eye coordination.

Add the fairy/water mixture to your cup/bowl etc and put the straw in.  Make sure the straw is all the way on the bottom of the cup to make less of a mess.  Have your child blow into the cup to blow bubbles… this can be tricky for them to begin with as they are used to sucking a straw. Blow until the bubbles are over the top of the cup.




What you need:





Cook the spaghetti and once cooled add to your paint and mix with the paint – this is great for developing gross motor skills. You can swirl the spaghetti around on the paper, use the spaghetti in a whip motion to splatter paint or add a whole bunch of spaghetti at once. Try dipping the spaghetti in more than one colour and observe the colour changes.


Have fun exploring what spaghetti painting can do!


This is a great activity to drive vans through the Play-Doh to see the tracks. It is fantastic for Physical Development in making the tracks and observational skills as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Go on a van toy hunt and collect as many as you can from around the house.

With your Play-Doh get your child to roll it flat with a rolling pin. Then start driving the different vans through the dough and see the different tracks that they make.

You can talk about pressing harder and softer on the van to make the tracks deeper and compare all of the tracks before rolling out the dough and doing it all again.