Play-Doh Activities & Fine Motor Skills

Making a pie! Take a piece of playdoh and roll it out with a rollling pin or press it flat with your hands. Use a cutter to cut a circle and put it into a ramekin or cake case. Roll little pieces of playdoh into balls and pop them inside for the filling. Roll a second piece for the lid, cut another circle for the lid and place on top. I’m sure it will look delicious!

Have fun!

Use your playdoh to make a spider. You will find some colourful match sticks in you pack you can use for legs. Remember, a spider has 8 legs, count them carefully. Find something small for the eyes or you could use a crayon or pencil to make 2 holes. Now you can sing Incy Wincy Spider!

Take a piece of playdoh and roll it out to make a worm. Why don’t you make a whole family!

In your pack you will find a black circle with eyes and a smiley mouth. This is your spiders body! Clip on the clothes pegs round the edge for the spiders legs. Don’t forget to count them when you run out of room. If you want you can make more bodies and write numbers on them. Now clip on the right number of legs.

Great for strengthening finger muscles and counting too.