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Week 4: 'x' for x-ray. Group work

Date: 10 May 2020
Uploaded by Sarah Turner

Inside your pack you will find a piece of paper titled ‘x’ for x-ray  .  Try to copy the title on the line below and then trace the letter ‘x’ on the bottom of the page, remembering to start at the red dot, try it yourself on the red dot.

On the black piece of paper, trace around an adults hand with a piece of chalk and stick it onto the page titled ‘x’ for x-ray.  Cut up the white straws for the bones in your hand thinking about the joints in your fingers, for example in your thumb you have 2 bones and in each finger you have 3 bones.  Stick the bones inside the hand.

Remember to stick it in your workbook and let me know how you got on.