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Week 5: Size ordering horses from smallest to biggest. (Wednesday)

Date: 17 May 2020
Uploaded by Amanda Hunt

Print the sheet with horses off the portal.

You will Need:

Glue, scissors and coloring pens/pencils, large piece of paper folded into 4 parts.

What you will need to do:

  1. Color in all the horses in sheet 1
  2. Cut out all the horses.
  3. Order the horses form the smallest to the biggest on a table.
  4. Along the bottom of the folded paper, use a green pen/pencil colour it in green to make some grass for the horses.
  5. Ask an adult to write Smallest on top of the first fold  and Biggest on the last fold.
  6. Stick each horse in each space in size order.
  7. Once the activity is complete stick the folded paper into your blue book.


If you have time see if you can find 4 more things in your home and try and order them from the smallest to the biggest. If you can do this why not try 5 things?…..