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Week 6: Counting on a zig-zag using pasta (Wednesday)

Date: 31 May 2020
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In your pack you will find: A zig-zag sheet and a bag of coloured pasta.

What you will need to do:

  1. Cut along the straight black lines.
  2. Count and stick the pasta on each zig-zag.
  3. Write the amount in each box. You can use the number track or ask an adult to write the number so that you can trace over it.
  4. Which zig-zag is short?
  5. Which zig-zag is tall?
  6. Stick the zig-zags in order from the shortest to the tallest in your blue book.


Can you draw your own zig-zag in your blue book?

Can you draw a short zig-zag and a tall zig-zag?