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Week 6: Making Zig-Zag patterns

Date: 31 May 2020
Uploaded by Caroline Henson

In your pack you will find a piece of paper with zig-zags on it. Find 3 different materials and place them on top of the zig- zags. You can use anything, raisins, stones, leaves, grass, peas, pasta, raw spaghetti. When you have made your 3 zig-zag patterns count how many pieces you needed to use on each line and write the number in the box. (This may require some help if the material is small!)

In your blue book find a new page and use paints, crayons or felt tips to make your own zany zig-zag patterns.

If you could take a picture of your zig-zags made from the 3 materials and stick it into your book that would be great but please don’t worry if you can’t.