Play-Doh Activities & Fine Motor Skills

This activity needs two people, a ball and a pan or basket.

Take it in turns to roll a ball across a table and the challenge is to catch it in the pan or basket. The smaller the ball, the trickier it is!

Have fun

Use your play-doh to make a little astronaut.  Think about the shapes and body parts as you create him or her.

You need a muffin tin and some elastic bands.

Turn the tin upside down and stretch the elastic bands around several moulds depending on how big the bands are. If you have coloured bands you can make pretty patterns. Another fun way to strengthen finger muscles.

Have fun.

Allow time for your child to look for objects that can make different marks in the playdoh.  E.g key, comb, shell, whisk, car wheels etc.

Have fun.

Provide clothes pegs to hang up the washing. If the line is too high for them to reach you could tie some string between 2 chairs.  They could also help sort the clothes into dark and light colours and help pair the socks when they are dry.

Pegs a brilliant for improving finger strength.